FTAD – Writing Free Travel Articles – Who Are You?

When you’re in the business of writing, presuming you’re good, there are many places you can showcase your work. Many directories (like ezine.com) which offer free travel articles accept submissions from writers who can demonstrate a competency in writing and a good, readable style. But what exactly is style and is any one writing style better than another? In terms of free travel articles spreading across the internet (and this is after all why we write them), research shows that there’s a place for virtually every style; funny, controversial, informative, celebrity based and even ghostly angles all seem to spread equally well.

So just who are these writers, toiling in their attics over hot computers to produce free travel articles?

The Painstaking Researcher

This writer is the one who produces beautifully researched, factual and informative articles leaving no stone unturned. Their writing will go into the minutiae of the weather, the attractions and every possible aspect of a particular travel destination. No matter that they are writing free travel articles, this scribe will pay attention to even the finest details. These articles spread well because of their comprehensive content, and will often be picked up by other travel related sites or tour operators.

The Frustrated Stand-Up Comedian

A writer who produces articles with a humorous slant has the advantage of being able to entertain the reader as well as inform them. You may think writing free travel articles would not leave much scope for knock-knock jokes, but the clever writer knows how to weave humour into even the most staid holiday destination. Wouldn’t you be tempted to read ‘Packing for a Nudist Holiday’, ‘Going Abroad with a Broad’, or ‘How to Have Fun at the Beach with a Broken Leg’? You get the picture – it may not be side-splittingly funny, but you’ll get a bit of light relief from this writer’s articles.

The Star-Struck Celebrity Hound

Do you know where Paris Hilton spent her summer or where Barrack Obama took his family skiing last year? This writer does. And whether the talk of celebrities makes you want to sit up and take notice, or it takes you on a one way trip to yawn city, the fact is that these free travel articles spread. It seems the cult of celebrity is alive and well and this writer will pounce on any snippet of a destination’s brush with fame and capitalise on it in an article. Celebrity endorsements can make or break a holiday location, and writing about the ‘wheres’ and ‘whys’ of the ‘who’s who’ can pay dividends for our celebrity spy.

The Imaginative Traveller

If you look deep enough there’s a skeleton in every closet and a ghost around every corner; and this writer knows it! They love finding the unusual in the every day and will conjure up stories of hauntings, legends and mysteries for every free travel article they write. Who knew there was an underground ghost in Ganzhou, or a wicked witch of West Wyoming? The writer obsessed with tales from the ‘other side’ can find an eerie angle for any destination in the world and, for those who dare, it just makes the prospect of their haunted holiday all the more fun!

Julietta Henderson is a regular contributor to article directories, and specialises in writing free travel articles

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