Travel Article Writing – Discover 3 Proven Steps in Writing Engaging Travel Articles

I’m yet to encounter a person who is not interested at traveling at all. All the people I know, including my friends simply love to travel. In fact, they save a portion of their monthly earnings so they can board that plane at least once every two months. However, not everyone has the time nor the money to travel. These people are usually content with reading travel articles.

If you’re a writer and an avid traveler, you can offer these people the information they need by simply writing travel articles. You can build a website or a blog about traveling. Then, you can earn money through PPC ads about accommodations, transportation, and anything about traveling.

Here’s how you can write engaging travel articles:

1. Don’t forget your digital camera. Gone are the days when words are enough to engage your readers’ senses. Today, you can make your articles more compelling by simply incorporating images and videos. Put your digital camera on top of your check list and ensure that you bring it with you everywhere you go.

2. Engage your readers. Before you tap on your keyboard, remind yourself that you’re not writing for some encyclopedia. You’re writing for those people who are eager to visit places and to learn new cultures. So, write your articles the same way you’ll tell your friends about your recent trip. Be upbeat and use conversational tone all the time.

3. Make your articles readable. It’s generally okay to make your travel articles longer as long as you know how to make your content easy on the eyes. I suggest that you break them down into very short paragraphs and insert pictures in between. This can surely help you promote further reading.

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